Pregnancy Scanning of Sheep

Sheep may be scanned for pregnancy testing from six weeks (42 days) after the ram is removed. Animals are ultrasounded externally using a BCF ultrasound unit.

Pregnancy Scanning Options

Pregnant or empty only (wet or dry)

Ewes can be tested for pregnancy from six weeks after the ram/billy being removed to full term


Foetuses May be split between the joining period into early or late pregnancy. For the most accuracy the ram should be in for no longer than 70 days (10 weeks) with scanning occurring 42 days (6 weeks) from the ram coming out.

Twinning (foetus counting)

For the most accurate twinning ewes should be scanned from 42 days (6 weeks) to 105 days (15 weeks). Before this time pregnancies may not be seen by the ultrasound and after this time lambs are too large to tell apart and separate.

Before Scanning

It is preferable but not essential that ewes are either yarded or kept in a bare holding paddock the night before for ease of handling when scanning occurs.

Identifying Pregnant Ewes

Ewes can be identified in two ways during scanning either via a spray raddle or a 3-way draft may be setup at the end of the scanning race.


All equipment used is washed and disinfected via a self-contained wash-down unit upon completion of each job to prevent disease transfer between properties.